Tyranny of Dragons

Red Wizards


As the heroes recovered from the battle with Rezmir, a man dressed in deep red robes walked through the wall and into the room. He was bald and had symbols tattooed on his scalp. He carried himself with an air of authority, as if accustomed to giving orders and being obeyed.

He spoke: I see that you have infiltrated our little fortress in the sky and killed poor Mistress Rezmir. Unfortunate, but these things have a tendancy to happen when you try to take over the world. Dangerous line of work and all. I am willing to overlook that transgression and let you leave unharmed. However, there is something that must remain with me. A certain item now in your possession. An ebony mask of draconic mien. So long as you hand over the dragon mask to me, you are free to go.

The heroes refused. Your cause is hopeless. I don’t have the patience to banter with mercenaries. Do as I command or be destroyed, said Rath Modar, the wizard. As expected, again the heroes refused. Ruby went a step further and stabbed the wizard with her rapier, but the weapon passed right through his body — it was an illusion!

Right on cue, the door burst open, and Captain Othalstan led a group of cultists in to attack! The battle soon led to the chamber of two Red Wizards of Thay: Azbarra Jos and Rath Modar. Spells flew, swords rang, and eventually the heroes prevailed. When Rath Modar’s body fell, it turned into a slushy pile of snow and ice – it was a simulacrum (an illusory copy of the real wizard)!

Searching the room, they found several magical items: wand of winter, deck of illusions, wand of magic missiles, dagger +1, potion of greater healing, scrolls, and Azbarra Jos’ spellbook. They also found a ritual book written in Infernal that described various ways to summon devils. There was one very elaborate, very expensive ritual depicted that required massive human sacrifice and that summoned Tiamat into the world. There were also letters from Severin indicating the deep connections between the Cult of the Dragon and this renegade group of Red Wizards of Thay.

Ruby, Eve, Darren, and Theren each received 2,700 XP



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