Tyranny of Dragons

Hoard Reclaimed


After a short rest to catch their breath from the battle with the red wizards, the heroes decided to approach the pair of stone giants in a room on the lower level of Skyreach Castle. They cautiously approached the 2 giants: one was staring intently into an iron cauldron on a 9-foot-tall table, the other looked up as they entered.

After some discussion and persuasion, the stone giant Hulda revealed her concern – that Blagothkus, the cloud giant controlling the castle, had a risky plan regarding the Cult of the Dragon. Blagothkus wanted to use the cultists as an excuse to incite the giants to war – to rekindle the ancient battle between dragons and giants.

Armed with this information, the party made their way to the upper courtyard of Skyreach Castle for an audience with Blagothkus. After much discussion, they convinced the giant to reconsider his plan. He agreed on one condition – that the heroes remove the dragon from the castle. The giant and his ogre retinue would take care of the remaining cultists.

The next morning, the heroes prepared for battle with Glazhael, the white dragon guarding the treasure hoard. They made their way through the ice tunnels to the core of the iceberg castle – a huge cavern of ice. As they entered, the ranger called out, “Glazhael!” The response was a cone of frigid cold from the dragon. Battle was joined!

After an intense battle, the heroes forced the dragon to flee through a hole in the ceiling. Not content to just run the dragon off, the heroes gave chase. Eve polymorphed Theren into a giant eagle, who bore Calcifer on his back and Ruby in its claws up through the ceiling. They broke out into the crisp afternoon air and spied the dragon weaving in and out of clouds in the distance. They gave chase and drew close enough for Ruby to plant a fiery arrow into the dragon’s heart. It fell from the sky and crashed into a nearby mountain, plumes of snow rising high into the air from the impact.

The heroes returned to the iceberg cavern. The floor glittered with a vast treasure hoard – all trapped beneath thick layers of ice. They then reported back to Blagothkus, who informed them the castle was secure.

The cloud giant offered to drop them off somewhere before returning to the glaciers at the Spine of the World. They decided to head for the city of Waterdeep, where they planned to oversee the redistribution of the hoard to the people of the Sword Coast — minus their 10% finders fee of course :)

Theren, Calcifer, Ruby, and Eve each received 3,000 XP



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