Tyranny of Dragons

Exploring the Ambergul Dungeons


After investigating all the pools, Ragnar let Ruby loose and she dove down to the bottom of the second pool. She tried to carry the chest to the surface while swimming, but it proved too heavy. The heroes dropped a rope, she wound it around the chest and tied it to the handle, and they managed to lift the chest out of the pool. However, when they did so, a large creature of water formed in the pool and attacked! Also, two of the stone columns shattered, releasing flesh golems hidden inside!

Aistarra dumped the chest back into the pool and it sank to the bottom. The water creature disappeared back into the pool. However, the 2 flesh golems continued their attack, and battle was joined. Aistarra managed to knock one into the pool filled with burning, syrupy gold liquid and the golem was instantly teleported into the pool of boiling water. Eventually, the golems were destroyed.

The adventurers decided to leave the pools alone for now and continue their search for Galvana and her retinue.

They opened one door off the pool room which led to a long hallway. At the end of the hall, an underground stream ran from left to right.

They returned to the pool room and peered through the other portcullis, which was half-raised. Three minotaur statues stood around a cart covered with canvas. At the far end, a large statue had been broken into pieces, and a rough hewn tunnel led into darkness. The raven scouted ahead and found 2 minotaurs.

They returned to the pool room and Eve sent her raven up the grand marble stairs to scout the area. Through the bird’s eyes, Eve saw a raised gallery overlooking a hallway adorned with chipped plaster murals of dragons in flight. The gallery contained four 6-foot-tall alabaster urns, and two slender thrones of sculpted marbled rested in an alcove at the back.

A gaunt figure dressed in a golden gown sat motionless in one of the thrones. under the gown, the figure was swathed head to toe in black funeral wrappings that covered everything except for the dark holes where its eyes should be. A purring clockwork cat plated in gold lied at its feet.

As she watched, red points of light bloomed in the shrouded figure’s dark eye sockets, and it spoke in a raspy voice. “More visitors. How lovely. And where is your master, little bird?”

Eve immediately recalled her raven, which disappeared and reappeared at her side. Creeping cautiously across the room, they decided to explore a different area.

They found a room filled with smashed statuary and furniture and torn tapestries. The ceiling was covered by 6 large mirrors, untouched by the wanton destruction they reflected. There was a door at the far end of the room, which led to a long hallway, at the end of which stood a door.

They opened the door and were momentarily blinded by the bright sunlight emanating from a set of large double doors at the far end of the hall. The walls were covered with painted murals of undead creatures being blown apart and lit ablaze by the light.

There were also 2 large minotaurs gathering up bits of golden armor strewn across the floor. When they saw the heroes, they attacked!

After taking care of the minotaurs, the heroes picked up the golden armor and continued onward. They examined the radiant doors, which were made of white marble and covered in luminous gold tracery etched around two halves of a golden sun, the symbol of Amaunator.

When they opened the doors, the light dimmed, and beyond they saw another long hall that ended in stone double doors. A mutilated corpse lay at the foot of the far doors.


The heroes began to cross the hallway, but were surprised when the floor began attacking them! Four of them were grappled and restrained by the huge creature. The trapper was surprisingly tough, but the heroes prevailed.


Ragnar continued across the hall to investigate the body on the floor, but was attacked by a lurker above! The heroes made short work of the creature, though, then inspected the body. It was a human in leather armor that had been crushed, an apparent victim of the creatures in the room.

The party was feeling a bit worn out, so they decided to attempt a long rest in the hall. Ragnar chained and locked the stone doors as a precaution. They were able to successfully complete their rest, but just as they did so, a 10 foot section of the wall slid aside revealing stairs leading down. The stairs were packed with people – four Dragonclaws in black leather armor were followed by a blue half-dragon in plate armor: Cyanwrath. Beyond them stood a woman in blue robes, her eyes glowing menacingly behind a blue dragon mask, which they identified as Galvana the Blue, Wyrmspeaker of the Cult of the Dragon. Next to her stood Glasstaff, his namesake in hand. Behind them stood two more Dragonclaws flanking their missing companion, Darren, who was restrained with glowing shackles.


Battle was joined. The four Dragonclaws moved into the room and attacked. They almost managed to knock Aistarra unconscious, but she remained standing — much to their regret as with a flurry of movement, she managed to strike each one and bloody them.

Galvana then moved into the room and unleashed a chain lightning spell, which bloodied four of the heroes. The group decided a strategic retreat was in order, and they moved behind and closed the large marble doors of Amanautor. They managed to heal most of their wounds while keeping the doors closed.

After a few moments, they readied their attacks and opened the door. When they did so, a series of events was triggered, culminating in a fireball cast by Glasstaff exploding in their midst!


The heroes made short work of the Dragonclaws. Ruby, Eve, and Umbero went toe-to-toe with Cyanwrath, while Ragnar and Aistarra went after the wizards, who had opened the doors at the far end of the hall.

Aistarra managed to get next to Galvana, summoned a chocolate cream pie, and hit her in the face with it! Surprised, disoriented, and a bit humiliated, she told Glasstaff to finish them off and then disappeared.


Aistarra noticed the room beyond the doors had an underground stream flowing through it, above which hung a summoning circle suspended from the ceiling with chains. Three gargoyles stood atop the disk, watching the combat with some amusement.

The battle was a struggle, and many of the heroes were near death, but eventually they prevailed. Aistarra lay unconscious, along with Glasstaff whom Ragnar knocked out with a blow from the flat of his blade.

The heroes then turned their attention to the gargoyles, waiting to see what they would do.

Each character received 1,500 XP.



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