Tyranny of Dragons

Council Session 2 and the Misty Forest



  • Ruby purchased Guillame di’Ferma treasure map from Ironeye at the Merry Mermaid in the Dock Ward.

Cultists Strike Back

  • Tired of their constant meddling, Galvana sent a hellish strike force to eliminate the heroes.
  • A devil impersonating Leosin staged an ambush, summoning a host of yugoloths and devils in the common room of the Yawning Portal.
  • A blue dragon with a scar under one eye tore off part of the roof and blasted them with lightning.

Council of Waterdeep, Session 2

  • The Masked Lords of Waterdeep removed Lord Neverember as Open Lord, and replaced him with Lady Lareal Silverhand.
  • Heroes attend council session, review accomplishments.
  • Learn of Cult raids in Misty Forest, sightings of suspected Wyrmspeaker, heroes asked to investigate.
  • Metallic dragons will convene soon in Moonshae Isles to discuss threat of Cult, heroes asked to represent Council and convince them to join forces.

The Misty Forest

  • Altand, village where Eve was raised, attacked by dragon and cult but left intact.
  • Heroes discover the village leader made deal with Wyrmspeaker: exchange information on neighboring villages for safety.
  • Heroes track down dragon and Wyrmspeaker to lair deep in forest.
  • Wyrmspeaker is Neronvain, exiled son of King Melandrach of the Misty Forest.
  • Heroes kill the green dragon Chuth and capture Neronvain.

Each character is level 13 after this session.



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