Tyranny of Dragons

Assault on Castle Naerytar


A well-planned-and-executed assault on Castle Naerytar met with minimal resistance as the heroes stormed the castle.

  • Eve masqueraded as a cultist and led a “captive” Kurloc and 10 lizardfolk through the front gate into the inner courtyard of the keep by deceiving the bullywug guards.
  • Ragnar, Blaze, Ruby, Orvustia and 20 lizardfolk mounted on giant lizards swam the moat and scaled the wall to the inner courtyard of the keep undetected.
  • Ayris drank a potion of flying and cast silence on the top of the barbican, silencing the alarm drum manned by confused bullywugs. He then caused Lightbringer to flare, signaling Mordai and a troop of lizardfolk to rush the gate.
  • In a fierce but relatively quick and decisive battle, the heroes took control of the inner courtyard of the castle. They spied the leaders of the cult disappearing into the great hall.
  • They faced and defeated Penetes with a token force of cultists in the great hall, then followed Rezmir and Dralmorrer Borngray down into the catacombs beneath the keep.
  • They tracked the leaders to an ancient Cult of the Dragon ruins through the catacombs beneath the keep.

Each character received 1,500 XP



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